Health is Wealth: Know key points to be healthy

Health is Wealth, is a proverb. It’s the basic thing which teaches many things. Having healthy fitness is a must to manage wealth. Otherwise, wealth manage health.

The basic need is health for enjoying life.

Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth

Nowadays food is in plenty and most of the jobs are online which is sitting in front of a PC/Laptop and only hands and mind work.

Physical or muscular work makes good health, this will improve the physical look and fitness and also helps in decision making during work. Many people go to a morning walk or jogging or gym or yoga daily for physical fitness. The same thing can help anyone if they add to their time table. Still, if you are a programmer or always work in front of a Computer it is good to have a physical movement every hour, this should be a habit.

Having proper food at the proper time is very important for good health. Food is sometimes a mirror of a person. Just think why diabetic people can’t eat sugar? What caused them becoming diabetic? In the same way, other diseases occur.

Ayurveda describes the food as medicine. It’s so simple. When we eat food as medicine, then why would we need a doctor who asks us to take medicine?

In India, people following tradition and having habit of eating food as their ancient people are staying healthy than other people.

Seasonal Healthy Foods gives wealth

If we eat seasonal foods, it not only improves in Health but also saves wealth. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Body Responds for Healthy fitness

Always listen to your body. If a person is attentive to own body he can be always fit. The body always responds to our food and physical work. Just go back in your childhood and you will remember how you use to say no to food items even when you like them.

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