Weight Loss: Can be done by Time Table

This article on times of India is interesting for obese people looking for weight loss. I, being obese, have done both running and weight lifting, but couldn’t be regular.

And once I lose the regularity of doing exercise my fats grow much quicker. So before taking up exercise, I suggest to make a time table and stick to it.

Also, food habits matter the most, food timings are also important.

One can add Pranayam. Yoga into their time table for 15-20 min, which is refreshing if the interest in working out is losing.

Apps and Videos

There are plenty of apps available on working out and are very much helpful if you want to workout in Home without any instrument or coach.

They have timers, calculators and reminders as well, which helps you in all directions.

Now as the trend is of Videos, one can go to YouTube and search for exercise or pranayama.

This can also help a lot as you can interact with other people as well or can contact the video owner for further help.

Inner Fire

As there are lots of options which can help you, there must be your inner fire for achieving the goal of losing weight and making yourself fit.

So it’s time to make a time table and include about workout and food timings and quantity which can help you in losing weight and keep you active and fit all the time.

Stick the time table in the room, on the work table, on your mobile, desktop/laptop so that you can just give a glance and you know what you need to do.

This will help a lot.

After all, Health is Wealth. Share your weight loss story with us.

Running Weight Lifting
Running Weight Lifting

Both are important types of exercises and it can be a tough choice to decide which one is better.

Source: Weight Loss: Running vs. weight lifting: Which one is better?

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