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YouTube Music is a new thing I came to while I was watching videos. Suddenly a popup from bottom came out on the page asking for trying out the new Music Page. It seemed interesting and I went to the page.

It asked me the Languages I am interested in, Indian Regional Languages are shown and then last shown is English. Well, I selected Hindi, Telugu and English. The Next screen showed me to select Artists, it was a Huge List starting from Arijit Singh. I selected Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghosal, Sonu Nigam and a few more popular artists. Then I clicked the Done Button and then the welcome page appeared.

YouTube Music Welcome Page

The welcome page shows various artists with the first icon as Your Mixtape with a tag Endless personalized music. All the Artists and their subscribers I can see.

Then when looked below there are a couple of different categories like similar to, Traveller, New Release, etc. I would like to have one category for Workout as well. Basically, I can say all are the playlist. Actually a similar idea I had around 2 years back and created a website Love Songs.

I clicked the playlist then I have two options, Shuffle or Add to Library. There is no play button, so the songs I hear are always at different positions. The good thing is all are video songs, the bad thing I felt is, for each song there is an Ad. which is annoying.

There is an option of watching adfree videos by subscribing YouTube Premium by paying ₹99.00/month after the 3-month free trial. There is a family pack (6 members) also available which is for ₹149.00/month after the 1-month free trial.

Why not go to the website and have a try? Click Here and enjoy the Music of your choice.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

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