Good Night Message for Sharing to dear ones

A Good Night Message to dear ones can make them happy. Finally, here it is a collection of some impressive messages.

Good Night Message

Good Night Message

Hello! My name is Night. I came here to kidnap your stress; Kill your strain. My weapon is deep sleep and my path is Sweet Dream. So please kindly co-operate and handover yourself! Good Night; Sweet Dreams!

My beautiful SMS travelled over my Room; Roads; Buildings; Towers; Rivers; Lakes; Plants; Cloud and finally reached your mobile just to wish you. So have a sweet dream.

Moon is ON; Off the Light; and Sleep Quite-Quite! Good night! Finally Sweet Dreams.

MOON has come to colour your dreams; STARS to make them musical and my SMS to give you a warm and peaceful sleep. Finally, you can have a Good Night. Have my Sweet Dreams!

While day turns TONIGHT. Keep your worries out of SIGHT. No matter how TOUGH the world may seem. You still deserve the SWEETEST DREAM. Good Night

Welcome aboard to SWEET DREAMS AIRLINE; All passengers on bed hug your pillows; As the flight will be leaving soon to dreamland. Enjoy your time. Good Night.

Black Sky with Solo Moon; Millions of Twinkling Stars brings you a few Silent Hours to take a Nice Rest! Enjoy the whole night with sweet dreams! Finally, let’s say Goodnight.

I am a night bird; standing out your window; waiting till you close your lovely eyes; to be sure you sleep without any worries and tensions and have sweet dreams. Soon it will be Good Night.

Good Night Message full form

G. Go to Bed
O. Off the Lights
O. Out Tension
D. Dreams come
N. Nice Sleep
I. Ignore Worries
G. Get Up Early
H. Have A Nice Night.
T. Thank God Always. Another best message it is.

Soon the light of the sun will awaken another day, and we will be together again. I can’t wait. Sweet Lovely GoodNight

Close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen closely as the stars that climb the night sky to hang above your restful sleep. Good Night. Finally, have Sweet Dreams.

Tomorrow is a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start. Sleep well, my dear. So that you can write good things in the morning.

Welcome aboard to SWEET DREAMS AIRLINE; All passengers on bed hug your pillows; As the flight will be leaving soon to dreamland. Enjoy your time. Good Night.

Hero and Heroine

The night is a Theater,
The dream is a Movie.
As God is the Director and Nature is the Producer. As the movie shooting starts, YOU ARE THE HEROINE and I am WILL be THE HERO. Watch the movie whole night Good Night. So we are Celebrities now.

On this cold night,
In my small dark room
I look at the bright stars in the dark sky &
Dream of your sweet smile and cute face.
So you can sleep happily.

As the day gets over, so the night comes.
Today is gone, what’s done is done.
Embrace your dreams, through the night.
Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.
Lovely Good Night Message

Good night to the powerful women who make the world a wonderful place. Sleep well! Good night. So you can rule your world.

The plans we made will be some of the greatest things we have ever done, and tonight I want you to rest to ensure we have the best day tomorrow. So I trust you. I believe in you, and I love you. Good Night Message.

Another day is over.
It’s nice to know that there’s someone
Who makes my day fulfilled with fun
Thank you for the Inspiration.
Sending my warm hugs to you
As I wish my Sweetest Good Night for You.

Sleep or Awake

Another Night has come
You might be sleeping
you might be awake
there’s a feeling I
just can’t shake…
I know deep inside
this feeling is right
the uncontrollable
urge to say
Have a Good Night! So you can have a fresh morning.

It becomes beautiful when you read One two three
Set free from worry
see moonlight N galaxy
Feel sweet dreamy Ecstasy. As you feel, you will Have dreams very lovely
Finally, have a Good Night

As gentle rain refreshes the earth, so the summer breeze quietly blows, may amazing dreams meander through your sleep filled night. So you can have a lovely Night. GoodNight

Relax and unwind, may your dreams be kind, and know as you sleep that you are on my mind. Tonight and always. So you can have a tight sleep. Good Night.

Night does not become beautiful with star studded sky and full moon. It becomes beautiful when you go to sleep and let stars and moon admire your innocence. Soon it is Good Night.

Late Night Good Night Message

A late night SMS greeting does not only mean good night. It has a silent message saying you are my last thought @ night. Good Night.

Hi Moon! Dim Your Light. Hello Wind! Breeze soft. Hi, flower! Blossom Slowly. Hello Earth! Spin gently. Because my dear friend is going to sleep! Good Night.

In this lovely night; I pray to the blue moon to protect YOU through the night; the wind to blow away your stress and the twinkle stars to guide YOU the way. So you can have Sweet dreams. GOOD NIGHT!

Finally, I am sleeping. Whoever wants to wish me Good Night; can do soon. Please maintain Q Don’t push each other; Tokens available till 12 pm. Uff.. crazy fans! Finally, I am sleeping.

Shut down your Eyes; Log on some Memories; Download some Dreams; Save some Joys; Delete all your Sorrows. So you can have a nice Sleep. Good Night.

Dear Customer; Your sleeping service has been activated. So that you can enjoy unlimited sweet dreams browsing on your bed. Dreams to Dreams FREE. Validity: 8 hrs. Finally, I slept.

After the Sleep and After the Night one needs to work out to be healthy. What to workout? Know Here.

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YouTube Music is a Video Music Enjoyment

YouTube Music is a new thing I came to while I was watching videos. Suddenly a popup from bottom came out on the page asking for trying out the new Music Page. It seemed interesting and I went to the page.

It asked me the Languages I am interested in, Indian Regional Languages are shown and then last shown is English. Well, I selected Hindi, Telugu and English. The Next screen showed me to select Artists, it was a Huge List starting from Arijit Singh. I selected Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghosal, Sonu Nigam and a few more popular artists. Then I clicked the Done Button and then the welcome page appeared.

YouTube Music Welcome Page

The welcome page shows various artists with the first icon as Your Mixtape with a tag Endless personalized music. All the Artists and their subscribers I can see.

Then when looked below there are a couple of different categories like similar to, Traveller, New Release, etc. I would like to have one category for Workout as well. Basically, I can say all are the playlist. Actually a similar idea I had around 2 years back and created a website Love Songs.

I clicked the playlist then I have two options, Shuffle or Add to Library. There is no play button, so the songs I hear are always at different positions. The good thing is all are video songs, the bad thing I felt is, for each song there is an Ad. which is annoying.

There is an option of watching adfree videos by subscribing YouTube Premium by paying ₹99.00/month after the 3-month free trial. There is a family pack (6 members) also available which is for ₹149.00/month after the 1-month free trial.

Why not go to the website and have a try? Click Here and enjoy the Music of your choice.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Weight Loss: Can be done by Time Table

This article on times of India is interesting for obese people looking for weight loss. I, being obese, have done both running and weight lifting, but couldn’t be regular.

And once I lose the regularity of doing exercise my fats grow much quicker. So before taking up exercise, I suggest to make a time table and stick to it.

Also, food habits matter the most, food timings are also important.

One can add Pranayam. Yoga into their time table for 15-20 min, which is refreshing if the interest in working out is losing.

Apps and Videos

There are plenty of apps available on working out and are very much helpful if you want to workout in Home without any instrument or coach.

They have timers, calculators and reminders as well, which helps you in all directions.

Now as the trend is of Videos, one can go to YouTube and search for exercise or pranayama.

This can also help a lot as you can interact with other people as well or can contact the video owner for further help.

Inner Fire

As there are lots of options which can help you, there must be your inner fire for achieving the goal of losing weight and making yourself fit.

So it’s time to make a time table and include about workout and food timings and quantity which can help you in losing weight and keep you active and fit all the time.

Stick the time table in the room, on the work table, on your mobile, desktop/laptop so that you can just give a glance and you know what you need to do.

This will help a lot.

After all, Health is Wealth. Share your weight loss story with us.

Running Weight Lifting

Running Weight Lifting

Both are important types of exercises and it can be a tough choice to decide which one is better.

Source: Weight Loss: Running vs. weight lifting: Which one is better?